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Hisanori Hiraoka: 平岡久典
Daisuke Watanabe: 渡辺大輔
Based in Tokyo, Japan
Music and Sounds
Kyohei Fujita: 藤田喬平(nakimusi)
Release date
Available on the App Store
App Storeにて配信中
iOS (for iPhone)
¥360, $2,99, 3,49€
(No in-app purchase, no ads)
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"dreeps" is an "Alarm Playing Game", a new type of game where you just have to set an alarm to enjoy an RPG adventure aimed at those who don’t have time to play time-consuming games anymore.
The game is set in a real-time universe which mixes sci-fi and fantasy with animated pixel-art graphics. The main character, a robot-boy will sleep and regain energy at the same pace than the user, then be able to beat bosses and climb ranks. The main character will be gaining experience points after battles and level up, see some events happening or gain new companions and new alarms.
In fields or dungeons, no need to worry about battle strategy, everything is automatically generated and the adventure will progress even when the app is closed.
The player will have the opportunity to use his imagination to understand the story and the universe as there’s almost no text in the game. The screenshot upload feature will give the possibility to discuss about the game with friends on social networks. The particular point of this app is to let the user enjoy gazing at the various landscapes and visuals and listen to the chiptune soundtrack.

dreeps, which received many good critics all over the world, was ranked no.1 in 22 countries like France, Nederland, Spain and others on App Store Store in RPG category (paid apps),and won "BEST OF GAME DESIGN" award and "BEST OF GAME DESIGN" award at INDIE STREAM FES 2015.

Avant d’aller vous coucher, réglez l’alarme et le jeune robot ira dormir en même temps que vous.
Le lendemain matin, réveillez-vous et alors que vous partirez à l’école ou au travail, le jeune robot partira à l’aventure traversant champs, vallées et péninsules vers les donjons où l’attendent les boss.
Pensé pour vous qui n’avez plus le temps de jouer à des RPG, "dreeps" est un jeu où vous avez juste à régler une alarme pour vivre une aventure. Un Alarm Playing Game.
"dreeps" est actuellement en développement et devrait être disponible en automne 2014. De plus amples informations sur le development du jeu seront disponibles sur le site officiel, Twitter et Facebook. Restez à l’affut !


dreeps release trailer YouTube, Vimeo

Our trailer can be streamed or downloaded from Vimeo.

Vous pouvez télécharger ce teaser sur Vimeo. Vimeo.


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